Who We Are

The ALJC members consist of experienced interpreters, interpreters-in-training, and other language justice advocates. We are part of a wide network of like-minded interpreters throughout the US, including the language justice teams for the US Social Forums in Atlanta and Detroit, and the Boston and DC interpreter collectives. We share ideas and curriculums to build a deeper understanding of the politics of language justice.

Our members come from a variety of cultural, linguistic and national backgrounds. Many of us have professional degrees, master’s degrees, and have received substantial levels of formal education. All of our members have lived, worked, or studied outside the United States, which gives us insights into the particular nuances of languages and cultures that inform our everyday work.  We have all completed interpreter trainings in both formal and informal settings.

We are united under the same commitment and vision of living in a world where language barriers do not infringe on peoples civil rights, and where people who speak different languages can communicate, share their common lived experiences in order to build strong social movements.


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Member Bios

Membership & Leadership Structure