Austin interpreters generally charge $60-$75/hr for nonprofit interpreting, and up to $85/hr for conference and business interpreting; our interpreters are sometimes available for low-cost or pro-bono assignments. We seek to balance the economic and professional needs of our collective members and those of the communities we work with.

Owing to the tremendous level of concentration required to perform interpretation, we require two interpreters to work any event longer than one hour, otherwise interpreting quality drops significantly, and some of the message being interpreted will be lost. Interpreters often charge more for last-minute requests.

If the event is a conference or presentation where the speakers will be using prepared remarks or speeches, we request the presentation materials one week in advance to provide the highest level of interpreting accuracy for our clients. We believe strongly in not letting anything get lost in translation.


We rent our equipment to organizations for $100/day. This includes up to 20 receivers & headsets, a transmitter, extra batteries and carrying case.