Carolina Martin

Interpreter and Translator


Carolina Martin grew up in Concepcion, Chile and has been living in Austin for more than 10 years. Living in a non-English speaking country, she developed an interest in the English language at a young age while listening to BBC English tapes that her aunt got her. This interest in languages motivated her to pursue a B.A in English and later a master’s degree in teaching English as a Foreign Language. She taught at various school levels from elementary through high school and adult education. During her college years she volunteered at under served public schools in her area to help students learn English and developed curricula for adult students. Carolina started interpreting while at college for international trade fairs. Once in Austin she furthered her studies by focusing on community, medical and educational Interpreting and Translation at Austin Community College and was formally trained as a Social Justice Interpreter in 2016. Since that time Carolina has been working as a professional interpreter in Austin  for different organizations and non profits. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, biking and hiking with her husband and three children.

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